2022 Santa Project Application

Here Comes Santa Claus!

The Santa Project is for residents of Ossipee, Effingham, and Freedom for Children ages 0 to 16. Proof of residence is required to apply.

** Applications will be different this year. We are asking you to apply only for what your child(ren) needs. Please be very size specific and as descriptive as possible. We want your child(ren) to like the gifts he/she receives**



Name of Child: ___JENNY__________________________________________ Age: ______6__________

Male or Female: ______FEMALE____________________________

Child's Needs: Winter coat size 7 girls- likes the color pink, winter boots size 13 little girls- likes the color pink, underwear size 7 girls, sweatshirt size 7- like unicorns, LOL dolls, Foxes, Sneakers- size 13 little girls- likes slip-on shoes.

Special Gift: _____BarbiePlayset_____________________________________________________