Ossipee Concerned Citizens, Inc.

Our Mission

"To promote the growth and prosperity of the town of Ossipee and its vicinity."

We believe that no one should go hungry. Part of our mission is to support seniors' independence and well-being through programs that improve their health and quality of life. This way, no one is left hungry or isolated. OCC promotes the health & welfare of the residents of Ossipee and the surrounding vicinity since 1975. We also focus on the youth in our licensed daycare. Providing support for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, before/after school children, and a summer camp program. 

Monthly Menu

Our Congregate Meals are served Monday - Friday 12p - 1p for people 60+ and Disabled 18+

Meals on Wheels are delivered Monday - Friday for people 60+ and Disabled 18+ 

Our Menu follows the standard meal pattern through the state of NH. This enables us to provide healthy meals. The following are the guidelines,

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