Misty Ryder- Executive Director

Misty worked in the Childcare Center at Ossipee Concerned Citizens back in 2016. She left OCC to pursue her dream and attended Southern New Hampshire University and received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She has been Executive Director for almost two years and she is fantastic at it! The changes she has made to the building and program are incredible. Misty's dedication and determination are what is going to help OCC thrive! 

Amanda White- Meals on Wheels Director

Amanda started with the company in 1999 as a lactation counselor and client service coordinator for our WIC program. When WIC and OCC went their separate ways Amanda stayed loyal to both programs. She became and remains the Meals on Wheels Coordinator at OCC and she is a Certified Lactation Counselor and Program Assistant for the WIC program.  Her job and daily accomplishments are nothing short of amazing, She's organzed, prompt, and professional. 

Allison Frost- Site Coordinator for Ossipee

Allison began working at OCC in 2021. She and Ashley are sisters. Allison is also proud to continue her grandmother, Jo-ann's, legacy here at OCC. Allison was working in the toddler room at the Childcare Center but has since moved to the Senior Center where she is the Site Coordinator. She handles the volunteer drivers, route, daily paperwork, and assists clients in any way she can. She has done a wonderful job organizing routes and answering the phone. We are lucky to have her!

Tayze Benson- Sous Chef in Ossipee

Tayze grew up here at the OCC Childcare Center and worked as a prep cook a few years back. He completed his Serve Safe Management Certification with an astounding 100%. He began back in the kitchen in 2020 as the Head Cook for our program. He does a great job- with great dedication and his food tastes delicious!

Ann-Marie Saucier- Prep Cook in Ossipee

You may know Ann from Hannaford in Ossipee, as she worked there for years. We are extremely blessed to have her a part of our team. She is a hard worker with a great attitude and always has a smile on her face!  

Martha Chamberlain- Dining Room Assistant in Ossipee

Martha has been loyal to OCC for over 20 years. Her dedication is admirable, as well as her work ethic. She has been integral part of this program.  

Bonnie Ames- Dining Room Assistant in Ossipee

One of our newer additions to the team! You may know Bonnie from the Ossipee Town Dump. She's one hard worker and she makes us laugh! We unfortunately only get to see her Mondays and Thursdays, but when she's at OCC she makes a huge difference. Bonnie is always willing to help no matter what the task is and she always has a smile on her face. We all love her so much. 

Ann Adjutant- Childcare Center Director

Ann started at OCC in 1994 as a Teacher's Aide. She went to Granite State College and got her degree in Early Childhood Education to pursue her career as a teacher. After 20 years of employment at OCC Ann became the director of the Center and has been for the past 9 years. She has raised more than half of this community. She is one of the most nurturing, caring, loving, people you will ever meet. Ann was named Citizen of the Year in 2021. We are so very proud of her!  

Ashley Hayford- Associate Teacher

Ashley started at OCC in 2017. She grew up in Ossipee and was excited and proud to begin her career here. Ashley's grandmother, Jo-ann Ames, dedicated a lot of her life to OCC and the WIC program. Ashley mainly runs the Preschool program with Ann. She is incredible with children, and they adore her to no end. We are so blessed to have her a part of our center.

Breyana Adams- Associate Teacher

Breyana has lived in the Effingham/Ossipee area her entire life and couldn't imagine raising her daughter anywhere else. She holds an associate's degree and is currently working on a bachelor's in human services with dual majors of counseling and family studies. Early childhood development is a huge interest of Brey's, and she has dedicated a lot of time learning and keeping up with education surrounding development. Family systems are also incredibly important to her, and she is happy to be here to support families just as much as she is happy to support the development of their children.  The children, parents, and staff all love her and we are lucky to have such a wonderful young woman a part of our team!