Contract for Renting OCC Building

Do you have an event you need a venue for? OCC can help!

OCC's dining room has been rented out for baby showers, birthdays, graduation parties, memorial celebrations, and group meetings for several years. We do ask for your help in keeping our facility clean and safe. The following is our contract for renting the OCC dining room. 

It is mutually agreed the group/organization is responsible for any cleanup of the facility, unusual expenses, replacement of equipment, and/or any damage caused by the above-named group/organization. ALL your own supplies must be provided. OCC kitchen items, and/or equipment are NOT for use by any group.

  • Please remove ALL your own trash. You can use OCC's dumpster next to the playground.
  • Please make sure lights are off when you leave
  • Please remain on the first floor and in the dining room for your event.
  • If you use the heat and/or AC units, please make sure you turn them off when you leave.
  • Please leave the facility as you found it
  • Please make sure you place your key to the building into the drop-box outside of the building when your event is over.

If neglected to follow the above regulations future rental may be prohibited.

We kindly ask for a $75.00 taxable donation for building use. Cash or checks only. Make checks payable to Ossipee Concerned Citizens.